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Inha LTC provides a select number of exceptional students with scholarships based on their academic records or TOPIK scores. Applicants must submit the supporting documents for the scholarship application to be eligible for a scholarship.
New Students
The students who have an excellent score in high school grade or TOPIK are entitled to following scholarship.
High school grade(Foreign Language Math) TOPIK Scholarship
More than 96 points
(Within 4% in the high rank)
- 50% of tuition
(First term only)
More than 90 points
(Within 10% in the high rank)
Above than Level 5 25% of tuition
(First term only)
Merit Based Scholarship for Enrolled Students
After the final evaluation of every term, the Inha LTC grants scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition fees maximum to the selected honors students.
Conditional Admissions System
The admission to Inha University is guaranteed to students who attend the Inha Language Training Center and have excellent grades.
The admission fee of the applicant who completes more than 2 semesters in Inha LTC and is accepted to Inha University for Conditional Admissions is exempted.

- Inha Admission Information : CLICK
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