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Evaluated as one of the best Korean language programs in Korea, the Korean language program at the Inha Language Training Center provides eager students with the means and opportunity to learn the Korean language and Korean culture. Training over 1,200 international students from 40 countries annually, the Inha LTC has firmly secured its position as a leading Korean language program in Korea. Steadily gaining recognition for its well-organized curriculum, professional teachers, and systematic management of academic affairs, the Korean language program at the Inha LTC was honored when selected as one of the 'Best Korean Language Schools'by the Korean Government for two consecutive years. As a recult, Inha's Korean language program has been entruster with the instruction of many elite Korean Government scholarship students with strong support from the Government. Inha University is doing its utmost to be a pivotal Korean language institute in the era of globalization and multi-cultural societies, through the development of tailor-made programs, unique teaching methods and advanced study materials while cultivating new relationships with the prestigious overseas educational institutes
Detailed Information
1. Term length: 10 weeks

2. Class hours per term: 200 hours (4 hours/day × 5 days/week × 10 weeks)

3. Class days and hours: Monday through Friday
① Morning classes (Intermediate, Advanced) 09:00 ~ 13:00
② Afternoon classes (Beginner) 13:30 ~ 17:30

4. Level Advancement
① Students who meet the following criteria will advance to the next level:
  a. Scores from the midterm exam, final exam and other assignments totals 80 points or higher.
  b. Attendance rate is 80% or above.
  c. The score for each of the 4 test sections(reading, writing, speaking, and listening) is 40 points or
      above. Students failing to meet the requirements will remain at the same level. However, students
      can retake the test section in which they scored lower than 40 points.
② Students who don't meet the criteria will have to remain at the same level and retake the course.

5. Expulsion
Students who meet one of conditions below will be expelled from our center.
① Absence from class for 3 consecutive days without permission (leaving class early or being tardy,
    3 times will be consider as one absence without permission)
② Poor attendance in class(less than 50%)
③ 3rd Retention at the same level
④ Disruptive behavior repeatedly in class such as texting, browsing the internet, or any other disrespectful
Excellence in Korean Language Program

Students taught with a unique integrated learning program consisting of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Team teaching is used, with two qualified teachers coordinating instruction in each class.
Focus is on improving communication skills in daily life through use of diverse situations and topics.

A variety of culture classes are offered in addition to language classes, thus the students gain valuable insight into the Korean culture.

Developing global citizenship by promoting the spirit of unity through knowledge of the unique traditions and culture found in Korea, and around the world.

The designated class teachers go beyond simple classroom instruction by also offering friendly counseling for personal difficulties.

Selected, in 2008, as a Language Training Center for Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students in recognition of its outstanding education system.
Inha Universuty, as well as Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Kyunhee University, has been selected as a Korean Language School for Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students in recognition of its outstanding education system
Acknowledging the Inha LTC's excellent curriculum for TOPIK, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has chosen the Inha LTC as the official test place of TOPIK
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