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The minimum requirement for registration is a high school diploma or an equivalent ※If you are staying in Korea with a visa other than the D-4 visa, please consult with the Language Training Team first
Application Process
1. Applicants outside of Korea
① Submission of required documents(scanned and emailed to: ltc@inha.ac.kr)
② Document review
③ Review of documents and issuing of invoice
④ Required document submission (original, mail)
    Address: (22212) INHA UNIVERSITY Language Training Center, 100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon,
⑤ Payment of tuition and fees (online only)
⑥ Verification of payment and issuing the certificate of admission
⑦ Visa application (Korean embassy or consulate)
⑧ Level test
2. Applicants in Korea
① Visit or contact INHA University Language Training Center
② Submission of required documents (originals)
③ Review of documents and issuing of invoice
④ Payment of tuition and fees (online only)
⑤ Verification of payment and issuing the certificate of admission
⑥ Application for visa status change or extension(immigration office with jurisdiction)
⑦ Level test
Schedule (Regular program)
Term Classes begin Newcomer application period
Outside Korea In Korea
Vietnamese Non-Vietnamese
Spring 1st week of Mar. 1st ~ 3rd week of Dec. 1st ~ 3rd week of Jan. 1st ~ 3rd week of Feb.
Summer 1st week of Jun. 1st ~ 3rd week of Mar. 1st ~ 3rd week of Apr. 1st ~ 3rd week of May
Fall 1st week of Sep. 1st ~ 3rd week of Jun. 1st ~ 3rd week of Jul. 1st ~ 3rd week of Aug.
Winter 1st week of Dec. 1st ~ 3rd week of Sep. 1st ~ 3rd week of Oct. 1st ~ 3rd week of Nov.
Required documents
1. Application form (click here to download)
2. Passport copy (in case of an alien registration card holder: copy of passport and alien registration
3. Diploma and transcript from the last school attended
※ Documents in Korean, English and Chinese are accepted. If not, documents have to be translated
    to Korean or English and notarized by the notary office.
※ Applicants from the 21 countries listed below (or who have graduated from school in one of those
    countries) will have to submit a notarized diploma and transcript. (Choose one among ①, ②, ③)
It will take about 30~60 days to get the documents notarized and this may vary by country and
- 21 countries announced by the Minister of Justice -
China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Ghana, Egypt, and Peru
① Apostilled diploma and transcript
② Confirmed diploma and transcript(“a.” or “b”)
    a. (Outside of Korea) At a Korean embassy (or consulate) in the country where the school is located
    b. (In Korea) At an embassy(or consulate) of the country where school is located
③ A certified report of degree/diploma issued by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education
    Development Center(for those who have earned a diploma/degree in China)

4. Bank statement
① If a applicant’s bank statement is less than 9,000 USD (for 6 months) or 18,000 USD(for 1 year), the
    he/she can use bank statements from their parents, spouse, and lineal family members with proof of
    family relationship(family registry certificate, marriage certificate, and birth certificate).
② The bank statement must be issued within one month of application submission.

5. Transfer students have to submit additional documents(registration certificate, course completed
    certificate, transcript, and attendance certificate)

[Documents required for applicants who are from some countries]
6. Applicants from some countries including China, Mongolia and Vietnam, have to submit the sponsor’s
① Sponsor’s reference (click here to download)
② Copy of sponsor’s ID
③ Sponsor’s proof of income(proof of employment or business license)
※ Qualifications for a sponsor: A Korean or foreigner who is employed or runs a business in Korea

7. Applicants from “High Risk Countries for Tuberculosis” have to submit a copy of a TB medical
    certificate, including a chest X-ray examination.(When applying for a visa, the original medical
    certificate must be submitted to the Korean embassy or consulate)
※ Please consult with the Korean embassy or consulate for appointed hospitals.
- High Risk Countries with Tuberculosis -
Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia(Federation), Malaysia, Uzbekistan, China, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Kyrgyzstan (18 countries)
8. For Chinese applicants, the additional documents below have to be submitted:
① Letter of self-introduction and plan for studying (free form)
② Copy of both sides of student’s ID
③ Copy of the entire family registry
④ Copy of a fixed deposit(18,000 USD or more, for 1 year or more)
⑤ Proof of parents’ income and certificate of employment
⑥ 5 passport photos
⑦ Diploma and transcript verified (click for more details)

9. Note
① If necessary, applicants may be asked to submit additional documents. Please note that submitted
    documents will not be returned and false or forged documents will result in cancellation of admission.
② According to LTC regulations, required documents differ depending on applicants’ situation such as
    their nationality and visa status.
Tuition and Payment
1. Tuition
구분 금액 비고
Application Fee 50,000 KRW  
(10 weeks/term)
1,300,000 KRW Applicants from some countries or holding certain visa statuses should pay their tuition for 6 months or 1 year at once.
Insurance (1 Year) 250,000 KRW  
Airport Pick-up 50,000 KRW (Optional)
- It is based on the group of 3 persons or more, so it will be
  subject to change due to circumstances such as arriving
  date and time.
- You can use airport pick-up service on designated date and
  time by our office.
(6 months)
1,580,000 KRW (Optional)
- Double occupancy with private bathroom & kitchen
  (One-room type)
- Including deposit(500,000 KRW)
- Not included utility bills(electric and gas charge, etc) and
  there is a cleaning charge(when checking out)
- Applicants who want to live in our residence, they must live
  there for 6 months. If not, their deposit will not be refunded.
*Application fee increases to 60,000 KRW and tuition is also raised to 1,370,000 KRW from summer semester 2019.
*Application fee, tuition, insurance, airport pick-up, residence are subject to change without prior notice.
2. Payment
Branch address 100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea
Account number 748-910102-71505
Account holder Inha University
① The applicants should remit tuition and fees to our LTC bank account
② The applicants should pay for any bank charges incurred.
③ In case of the difference incurred due to exchange rates, it will be calculated after your admission.
3. Refund
Reason Application Date Refund Amount
Withdrawing Before commencement day Full tuition refund(100%)
Before the starting date of the term 4/5 of tuition(80%)
During the 1st week of the term 1/2 of tuition(50%)
After the 1st week of the term No refund
Expulsion due to 3rd Retention in the same level After final exam 100% tuition of a term/terms for which tuition was paid and in which students do not take classes
※ 10 weeks per a term
1. General student visa (D-4)
Applicants who are going to study for 3 months or longer have to apply for the D-4 visa by submitting the required documents(certificate of admission and academic qualifications, proof of academic funding, etc) to Korean embassies or consulates abroad. It will take about 2~4 weeks to get a visa and the D-4 visa is valid for 6 months and can be extended for up to 2 years in accordance with a registration period for Korean language training at the immigration office.
2. C-3-1 and the other visas
Applicants who hold a C-3-1 visa(which allows for a 3-month stay in Korea) or who can enter Korea without a visa are only able to study for 1 term(10 weeks). However, by obtaining a D-4 visa from the immigration office, they will be able to study for more than 1 term(10 weeks).
If students who hold an F visa or other visas plan to study at our center, please consult with our office.
Alien registration and Report of changes
1. Alien registration
Students must visit the immigration office in person within 90 days after entry and must apply for alien registration in order to stay in Korea for more than 90 days. Not complying with these rules and regulations will result in a fine for violating the immigration control act.
- Required documents: passport, passport photos(3.5cm×4.5cm), certificate of enrollment, residence
2. Report of changes in alien registration card contents
If there are any changes, such a change of school or an address change, students must report it to the immigration office within 14 days from its occurrence. Students can also report an address change to the district office or community service center with jurisdiction.
If the students do not report a change, it will result in a fine.
Extension of stay
If students plan to stay for more than the authorized period of stay, they have to apply for an extension at the immigration office with the required documents. This must be done at least a month before the visa expiration date. Failure to do so will result in a fine for violating the immigration control act.
- Required documents: Passport, alien registration card, residence confirmation, certificate of enrollment
  and attendance, certificate of tuition fee payment, bank statement(Only for students whose attendance
  rate is less than 70%)
* This documents are subject to change dependent on the policy of Immigration office.
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