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Course Information
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Regular Program
Write and pronounce the consonants and vowels of the Korean language.
Have a basic command of Korean :
greetings, self introduction, ordering food, purchasing goods.
Write and read simple & fundamental sentences needed in daily life.
Learn & write simple paragraphs about the daily topics such as making requests & reservations, offering suggestions, etc.
Use simple proverbs and idioms in effective and appropriate ways.
Express opinions in sentences and develop vocabulary for use in simple situations in daily life: asking & refusing favors in a formal way, making an apology formally/informally, and giving advice.
Communicate with the others using appropriate grammatical structures, taking into consideration the speakers and listeners
Explain or describe the contexts or situations faced in daily life.
Verbally use the technical terms adequately and explain the related subjects regarding set tasks in the concrete.
Read and understand realistic situations and well-known current issues in today’s society.
Express opinions and make compositions of full paragraphs for description, definition, advertisement, example, classification, and maintenance.
Learn how to debate about the diverse subjects : agreement, disagreement, and persuasion.
Infer the facts after reading the books or newspapers, give opinions, and understand & appraise short literary works like essays.
Culture Class & Activities
A culture class offered every term is an integral part of the language program and is designed to give international students the oppotunity to better understand Korean culture and transition into Korean society with ease
The Inha LTC holds Korean Language Speech Contest, International Culture Festival, Sports Activities, and International Food Festival every season to bring the international students together and enjoy the various cultures of the world
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